Benefits and damages of potatoes:

Benefits and damages of potatoes:

  1. Mailing it raw treats the stomach wound.

  2. is a heart booster.

  3. Housing is pain.

  4. cures burns.

  5. has vitamin.

  6. Ghani is from Beta Caroten.

  7. is very useful for kidney and bladder.

  8. boiled skin it and solve it in milk and rub it on your hands and wash it after ten or fifteen minutes, it will make the cover of your hands white.

  9. is gum strong.

  10. is anti-anemia.

Its damage:

  1. scientists have succeeded in discovering a very toxic substance (poison) called Acylamide, which is found especially in fried potatoes and very high chips.

  2. High consumption of potatoes weaken the brain.

  3. fried potatoes or chips will weaken the exemption system.

  4. fried potatoes and chips cause antenna and cancer.

  5. fried potatoes and chips bring nerve effects.

  6. fried potatoes and chips cause pregnancy disorders, changes in sexual behavior, infertility and abortion.

  7. fried potatoes and chips will fry the cover, eyes and eye antenna.

  8. Never use green and stained potatoes that contain toxic materials.

Its use increases blood pressure, breath, headache, diarrhea and cancer.