Can anyone help me out i just want to know i visited psychiatrist for my restlessness and anxiety and disturbed mind

Can anyone help me out i just want to know i visited psychiatrist for my restlessness and anxiety and disturbed mind… He prescribed me escitalopram its it good to take

is it habbit forming… Will it reduce mu anxiety completely and permanently

you are a doctor yourself, you can read about different ssri, and you can read about the drug itself, escitalopram has no addictive potential and does not cause any sort of dependence.

not habit forming … but won’t reduce completely …that depends on your behavioural training and lifestyle

Take it no problem, but u have to take along with BZDs for atleast 3 weeks before statrting a sole escitalopram…

that isn’t necessary and no guidelines mention that

If he’s post MD psychiatry then why doubting on his prescription and asking us? We all are naive mbbs passed ppl

The other option is to keep on suffering !! And I believe no drug is good enough to cure a disease.

You were anxious, you consulted a psychiatrist.

He/she prescribed you a med for your condition, still you’re cross-checking.


Instead of doubting a trained psychiatrist by asking on this group try to have faith in the treatment, this brings such a bad name to our profession.

Suffering from PPD nd nothing else… I just think if u had a bf uska kya haal hua hoga… Mele babu sona😂

Do not take escitalopram solely…u need to combine it with BZD…preferably clonazepam…start with 5mg esc then titrate to 10mg only if u r compliant…but the best way is to do deep breathing exercises lyk pranayanam daily…chant prayers or read a book to calm ur mind…if u r hvng much sympathetic overdrive then hv propranolol 10mg for 3months atleast…better to avoid taking SSRIs but if u do…u need to continue it for atleast 9-12months…I personally believe u can overcome anxiety by urself…it did happen to me few months back…I am much better now…I did all those measures…also listen to some good music…self-introspect and give urself tym…avoid negative people…talk with people who lift ur spirits…share ur worries with ur parents or ur loved one…abstain a bit from social media…all those recalls and rank predictors which are killing us…hope this helps…God bless u dear!We are rowing the same boat…so everyone can empathize with you😊.@Devika Tike

This is what patients do too, vist one physcian, then cross check his treatment with 10 others and confuse themselves.

I don’t think social media is right to post ur things it dont deserve ppl just make laugh creating mess in others life I think they love to do enjoy these things… U post ur treatment here nd ppl saying ur naive mbbs why we can’t que about drug we read in pharma … I think everything is right except posting ur que between some narrow minded ppl… Look if u r taking consultation then it’s not just about prescription it’s about ur mind state ur social connectivity ur peer group try to do enjoy in real life not here nd let the medicine work first trust on ur doctor as well as ur knowledge… Spend ur time with ur friends nd family avoid negative ppl … Nd try to avoid negative thoughts…

ya thanks a lot… I was just concerned but some people are seriously not understanding my state of mind… He prescribed me serenace last time which created huge mess in my life… I stopped it, nd he is only tge psychtrisr renowned but i face face this once so i asked this here miggt me to get a third opinion but some people’s here made me look stupid…

It’s like asking correct answer for controversial questions in multiple groups…,