Can someone explain the real reason behind the fact that system has less number of PG seats

Can someone explain the real reason behind the fact that system has less number of PG seats in a department and more number of patients load! Why can’t they increase the number of seats per clinical department ?

Bcoz then they will have to pay more stipend to increased no. Of residents .

Also pg seats and professor vacancy are In ratio so again they will have to pay salary to increased no. Of professor…

It’s a cunning game…

Otherwise who has problem …if pg seat increases doctors will increase… We will b happy to get seat… Patient load will reduce… Things will be managed better…

But this moral corruption and of course the politics In India… Nothing sense can happen here… So don’t expect anything good here.

thanks Mr.Grindelwald I feel whoever is the director of this rotting system has to consider that Pgs are human too… it’s not human to make anyone work 36 hours straight! All I am saying is increase the seats and decrease the torture… Western countries are better than us in this matter!

Physician exhaustion is present in all countries in residency period. It you used to be worse, but they are slowly making rules to cut it down.

I think the number of pgs allotted to a college is based on the number of patients. If the patient load is divided into more number of pgs, you will be seeing that many less number of cases. Yes, it increases the number of doctors, but it decreases the quality of the those doctors. The more number of patients you see, the better doctor you will be

Most private colleges are own by Politicians and their relatives. If you started getting admission at a good rank in a good government college who will buy their PG seats by selling their own kidneys or having loans over their head for the rest of their lives. It’s a very interesting tactic to keep viability of private medical colleges.

No one will say anything against this. If you are not taking admission in private colleges, you’ll be preparing again.i.e. making someone else money.

We even though we buy it, keep forgetting that education at the end of the day is a buisness and we are costumers. There is no priority for humanities in business, only for profits.