Common language means "Birth Control" a number of devices


Common language means “Birth Control” a number of devices (Condoms, implants, pills, etc.). ), and even “emergency” birth control and sterilization. They are all the more “effective” because they prevent a pregnancy following a sexual relationship.

Condom is the least reliable contraceptive. With the best condoms and perfect use, there is a failure rate of 15 % to avoid pregnancy because of the presence in the latex of micro pores through which may pass sperms despite the presence of spermicide in the condoms . And the aids virus is 400 times smaller than a spermatozoa. It should be added that defects in manufacturing, conservation, Ambient Heat, nails and many other factors significantly damage it, not to mention the risk of tear or slip during reports. Female Condoms are difficult to use and are no more effective than male condoms.

It should be noted that other sexual transmitted infections (IST) have their bacteria, viruses, mushrooms or parasite that are very often found in the sexual secretions and in areas not covered by the condom (male or female) that is the testicles, the Pubic, upper thighs, etc. For this reason, the condom offers almost no protection against the transmission of ist in contrast to the common slogan [1]. Hepatitis In particular is transmitted through the saliva and deep kiss.

“hormonal” contraceptives are the most fashionable. They are called Estro-progestin or progestin depending on whether they contain two or only one of the female hormones. There are several forms: Pills (to be taken every day at the same time), skin patches, vagina rings, minipilules, sub-Skin Implants (Norplant, jadelle,… act over several years), and injections (action on 3 months). Their principle of action is as follows:

• Block Ovulation: this blocking is partial and depends on the dose and hormones in the contraceptive

• Change the appearance of cervical mucus to prevent spermatozoa from entering the cervical canal and the uterus

• Change the spermatozoa of the tubes to prevent either the sperms from going back to the oocyte or the impregnated egg from joining the uterus to establish

• Change the appearance of the uterus wall in such a way that if there is fertilization, the uterus cannot be established to continue its development.

We realize immediately in view of the last two principles of action that these contraceptives are abortifacients because they voluntarily destroy the embryo. This is happening “automatically” and women can’t see the runt still in a few weeks of pregnancy.

Among the side effects that can disappear after a few months or stay for the entire duration of administration, there are:

• Nausea and vomiting

• Headaches or migraines

• Grow, water retention (Oedema)

• Abundant, irregular or unexpected menstrual bleeds; vagina losses

• Breast sensitivity or pain

• Mood Swings, depression, nervousness

• Decrease of sexual desire

• Vision Change, difficulties with contact lenses

• Gastrointestinal Symptoms (Abdominal cramps or bloating)

• Reduces the possibility for women to know the natural functioning of their body and menstrual cycle

In the long term, we observe:

• Increased predisposing to breast, ovaries, uterus, collar

• Blood Clots Formation: Deep Venous Thrombosis, lung embolism, brain thrombosis (3 TO 6 times more common compared to other women)

• Heart Attack (heart attack)

• Stroke (brain bleeding)

• High blood pressure

• Gallbladder disorders

• Liver disease

• Neurological damage

• ovaries ovaries

• For Implants: long time after withdrawal before they can design, sterility.

A large number of cancer, overweight, hypertension and other cardiovascular problems in women (not all), - and as a result of financial ruin for the family to treat these diseases and often premature death - could be avoided if women used the Natural Methods, effective and without harmful consequences on health. In addition, the many discomfort and nervousness do not promote the harmony of the couple. And we call it " Emancipation ", " Women’s promotion ", And this is supposed to be everyone’s business, including religious leaders!

Why, while there are more and more cases of cancer and cardiovascular difficulties, don’t we question the contraceptive?

Why this silence for these serious health problems when our population is more vulnerable due to hygiene and food?

It should be noted that there are some contraindications to the use of these contraceptives whose extension campaigns do not take into account, the main thing being to increase the contraceptive rate. The Council of ministers of 2 March 2016 adopted the free screening of breast and cervical cancer. Let it go further by inform the population that scientific studies prove that contraceptive significantly increases the risk of these cancer. If someone gives himself for noble mission to comfort the ghosts who cry, that he also fights with the last energy those who burn their home that is the cemetery.

Another popular contraceptive is an iud or an intra device (Diu). It does not prevent ovulation or fertilization. Once placed, the uterus detect the presence of a foreign body and triggers a number of reactions that makes its mucous membrane unfit for the implementation of the uterus. Therefore, the iud is simply a abortifacient. Some Iud are coated with hormones, others in copper limit the movement of sperms. WITH THE IUD, there is a higher risk of getting extra-uterine pregnancy and the chances of a complications in the presence of an ist remains increased. These infections if treated badly can lead to infertility.

" emergency " birth control includes among other things the " pills of the next day " which are a concentrate of hormones acting from the beginning of pregnancy, after a bad sexual relationship. It is not intellectual consistent or scientific to say that emergency birth control is not an abortion. Because it is clear that the intention of those who ask or propose the use of pill of the next day is to directly cause the interruption of a possible pregnancy, exactly as in the case of pregnancy. Eating pills from the next day always leads to a change in personality among women, even among those who are not fully aware of having committed an pregnancy.

Sterilization, often called birth control, is to seal the channels connecting the testes to the prostate in humans, or to ligate the tubes in women. This operation is permanent. It’s actually a mutilation of the sexual organs, an attack on physical integrity. It must neither be desired nor be voluntarily acquired because sterility is not a good in itself, the suffering of couples who cannot / more have a child.