Congratulations everyone who got their scores


Congratulations everyone who got their scores …received my score yesterday…
Real deal :235 (exam on may 29)
I am a non us img

I know its not a 250…or 240…but wanted to share my step1 experience …i am not really happy with the score…but i have to accept the reality and move on …

My prep was a bit on and off prep…i am in my med school so had to stop and start my prep based on my med school schedule …

just did kaplan videos and notes pathoma very vaguely…i didnt aim for perfectionism…I had no idea when i am going to complete…this went on for 4 to 5 months

This is when i thought of a deadline when i am going to complete step 1…again i did kaplan videos nd q bank very precicely for 3 to 4 months…nd then gave an nbme nd uwsa1

Nbme16 :215 uwsa1:232

Now i started fa and uworld … did them for 3 months…i started my fa and uworld very late into my prep thats the main drawback …i had to stop now due to med school exams …also i did usmle rx videos and q bank for my weak areas


This is when i did first aid and uworld very precisely pinning down important points to first aid
Nbme 13: 221 ( 3.5 months to exam)
Nbme 15: 230 (3 months to exam)
Nbme 18 : 232 (2.5 months to exam)

This is when i lost the momentum started to relax down as i was hitting 230

Nbme 20 : 215 ( 42 days to exam)
Uwsa2 : 245 ( 41days to exam)
Nbme 22 : 228 (40 days to exam)

This fluctuation in score shared the shit out of me… by now i was burned out …but i was holding myself…and again revised fa with uworld pinned down

Nbme 21 : 242 (30 days to exam)
Nbme 24 : 244 (20 days to exam)
Nbme 23: 236 (17 days to exam)

I was aiming for 245 plus and after nbme 23 i had no nbmes left…i felt i will screw my exam…then i had to contact someone who had nbme 17 unused online version and bought it …i gave nbme 17 with free d 120 qs 8 days before exam
Nbme 17: 244
120 free d : 82%
I felt i was ready nd went for the exam

I had 7 hrs sleep…had some coffe nd normal food which i usually eat (no protein bars etc)

I felt i was doing great on exam …just in block 3 /4 felt some difficulty…i was on euphoria after the exam …nd i thought i killed my exam

But the real deal is 235😊

DONE WITH STEP 1…this is a bit haapy thing which will cheer me up