Covid 19 Situation Management

14 k. Nov. 63-At Coronavirus News Center 2019, Ministry of Health, Province. Nonthaburi, P. Suraphok, Vice Secretary General of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ) Naphon Witoor Anancul, Director of Emergency Public Health Division and NP. Thanet Dusit Sunset Kul Acting Director of Strategic Division and Planning Together Press Conference ′′ Covid 19 Situation Management ′′

Nap. Suraphok says the Ministry of Health has prepared to deal with COVID 19 situation since January 2563, setting up a resource distribution and equipment to prevent the epidemic of infection between patients and medical staff. First part may not be enough. Per usage due to the production of domestic medical hygiene masks. Now there is an administrator and 45 factory manufactured and imported from abroad. There are enough equipment and pharmacies to cope with COVID 19 and backups. It lasts up to 3 months. doy mask has 2,430,189 backups. 1,916,050 mediums. 1,471,131 spare PPE set. 1,471,131 centers. 607,494 spare masks. 43,414,478 spare masks are central. 300,000 pcs. 3,418,400 pcs per day. It’s enough because people can use the mask alongside them. While Favivi Piravier has 590,680 backups and 590,680 pills of distribution. 50 milligrams of 65 bottles and 100 milligrams of 330 bottles of 330 bottles of 33 patients.

Nap. Suradak says that for the provinces with Myanmar border area. There are 10 provinces including Tak, Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi, Ratchaburi, Phetchaburi, Prachuap Kekhi. Retikhan Chumphon and Ranong have a reservation to cope with COVID 19, 29,872 29,872 masks, 3,831,938 pcs, 28,704 PPE masks, 28,704 PPE sets, and Surgical Gown sets. 15,645 sets

The side of the p. m Vitoor Ananun, Director of Emergency Health, says the Ministry of Health has a real-time system to monitor the COVID 19 patients situation that brings information to manage resources, devices and medical medicines immediately. With COVID 19, in the overview of the country, there is a potential to support around 1-2 thousands of patients. All medical personnel are readily and still concentrated in the state’s surveillance so that the government provides in many ways to discourage Thai people from infected. From those who traveled from abroad.

As for the doctor. Thanesh Dusit Sunset Kul Acting Director of Strategic Division and Planning said Covid 19 Ministry of Health received a monk from His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej from His Majesty King Rama 19 The Royal Thai Ministry of Public Health received samples from His Majesty King. In the area, proactively investigated people. In addition, the Ministry of Health has joined all sectors in the COVID 19 situation, less infected people in order. Now, the resource is allocated to the area, seams, borders, neighboring countries with outbreak. Of all the diseases, tools, materials, devices used to detect and accelerate, pay risk, morale, staff and budget needed for use during such situations.