Danger: never let your baby cry!

danger: never let your baby cry!

  1. existential Anguish is the right term

Baby may be dropped in his little bed, hoping he’ll fall asleep himself.

He doesn’t see you anymore, so he doesn’t know you’re there, close yet, because he doesn’t have “the permanent of the object yet”. For him out of sight, it doesn’t exist anymore.

Around him, it’s dark, it seems threatening. This is scary. He cries and still cries. He wants to be reassured, he wants your presence and your arms, the milk that may calm him down.

No answer, fear takes over him. He’s getting tired, crying out his rage and anxiety.

A baby is unable to calm down on his own, if he ends up silent it is that he will give up hope. He doesn’t trust anyone to come to his rescue anymore.

  1. The Dangerous Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

And there Baby is falling asleep. It was discovered that a baby who cries long and exhausted will fall into a deep sleep. Some would even care that baby is now doing their nights. We can’t hear it at night, it’s perfect, right? Pentoute.

Deep sleep for a baby can be deadly, depending on the one who has a mother and baby sleep lab

Infant is in “sleep learning” and needs to learn how to regulate his breath at night. If he sleeps too deep, he can sleep apnea. This is why he must have light sleep. It’s flat for us, but it’s good for him.

Otherwise he is at risk of Sudden Infant Death syndrome.

  1. It’s not a desire without common sense

Crying is not a whim or a superficial desire. For a baby, this is one of the only ways to express a primary need.

And if it goes to crying, it’s probably pressing. For example if he’s too hot in bed, it could still be a risk of SIDS.

  1. The bond bond is IF
    The most important need for baby is your presence. It is difficult to know that these experiments have existed, but it has been proven in the last century that without caring human presence, infants are dying, watching die.

Your love and presence is crucial.

  1. Confidence breaking is hard to regain
    Over time, if he sees that he can’t count on you, he will try to rely only on himself probably, as the attachment studies have shown. He will lose confidence in the help of others.

And this can bring him a lot of anxiety because the adult world isn’t meant for him yet.

  1. Stress in the piton is far from good
    When the baby cries, it floods his body with cortisol which is the stress hormone.

cortisol has long-term harmful effects.

Like creating a stressed child. Maybe you have that stress that has been following you since childhood? This could find his cause. cortisol also hinder the proper functioning of his immune system.

  1. His brain, do you want to?
    Letting a baby cry has negative consequences at the neurobiological level and on learning.

It affects their intellectual development, and so can cause learning difficulties. Dr. identified a drop in language and IQ performance

When a baby is physically separated from their parent who takes care of it as it’s supposed to be in his / her / her / her / her / her / It causes hormonal changes that affect memory.

When a baby cries it can affect the structure of their brain, which can act like they suffer from depression. You know, those babies that we often meet that look sad and sad?

  1. What if he gets violent because of the letting-cry?
    When a baby cries, he’s also adrenaline-filled.

Adrenaline can lead to a difficulty in dealing with emotions and pulses.

At rehearsal, our little humans can develop by having violent tantrums.

  1. His development and your grandchildren
    Babies we neglect are even more likely to be dependent as they grow up. And to be less attentive parents.

Indeed, a study has shown in mice that minis who are cuddled have better DNA DNA (and could explain problems such as depression and schizophrenia). They also tend to be more present and maternants parents for their own minis.

  1. Crying is an alarm signal
    In the series of milk (Netflix), we see what many do that makes teeth those who know the facts just mentioned. These parents use a clock to train sleep and calculate how long they let their baby cry. And since it doesn’t work, the baby is asleep by car wrinkles!

It’s not natural at all, and the of approach as with safe carrying and cododo works so much better to meet the needs of parents and babies.

Crying is exactly what it looks like, an alarm signal. It’s IF for the baby that you answer, not only for her well being there but for her well-being. This is one of the best things you can do for him.

IMPORTANT:Allez, when he cries, reassure him or go see him.
Answer him.
You do well to let the gossip do and make sure you respond to your baby’s crying.
He’ll thank you for it his way, you’ll see.