Dengue fever (symptoms of reasons diagnosis and rescue)


Dengue fever
(symptoms of reasons diagnosis and rescue)

Dengue Bkẖạrạy̰ḵ is due to special type of virus, which is the surely of a special type of mosquito in human beings. Four Types of dengue virus can cause a yengi fever. Often in cases, it is seen that ạy̰ڈy̰s ạy̰jpٹy̰ (Aedes Aegypti) is the reason to spread the mosquito disease of the name. This mosquito is found in ạḵtẖrٹrạpy̰ḵl areas or go. This includes the states of Pakistan, Africa Ạwrlạty̰ny̰ America.
US – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
The infection of dengue virus provides strength to the patient for the age of age, but the dengue wạỷrsz sےmry̰ḍ of dwsrےqsm is not reserved. Dengue virus, in which areas and countries, mosquitoes especially ạy̰ڈy̰s ạy̰jpٹy̰ types of mosquitoes found in large numbers. Go, common. Almost the world’s half population is the fear of getting dengue virus. Every year a hundred million million people are affected by dengue virus infections. Yet there is no vaccine that save from dengue infection. Can go.
Most Cases (about 85 %) Dengue infection is the cause of medium rank, with him the patient gets fever which ends in the self-bkẖwddw weeks. in some cases fever dengue ہy̰mạrہy̰jḵ favor (dengue hemorrhagic fever) Dhf) takes the shape of the), and if it is not the right diagnosis and treatment, it can be proved to be killed.


The symptoms of dengue fever come in front of three to days after entering the body of virus. Usually, these are the symptoms of infection:
1 suddenly, a lot of fever, the temperature is 102 to 105
2 pain of hard head and pain behind eyes
3 pain of bones, muscles and couples
4 being constants and inverted
5 Light blood nose from nose and mswڑwں
6 some patients get skin itching and jldḵy̰ sensitivity more.
The above symptoms usually lasts 12 days from one week to 12 days. This can be more pcẖy̰dgy̰ too much fever, agony ạwrfbrạỷl febrile.
Dengue favor favor hemorrhagic hemorrhagic ((Dhf):
Dengue ہY̰mạrہy̰jḵ favor or dha is a tough type of dengue infection.
Her symptoms can be:

1 to be a lot of fever for 1 days, as it gets light fever from dengue infection.
2 after the fever is low, the patient is pain in the stomach with the inverted and suffering in breathing. When the patient sees these symptoms, immediately refer to the doctor.
3 Rsnạ of blood due to lack of ply̰ٹy̰lٹs (platelets) (some times internally)
4 the rsạwuⁿsẖạḵ of more blood and the sudden blood pressure can cause a reduction in which death can occur.
In Case of this disease, the patient should be admitted to the hospital so that it can be treated immediately. According to the international health health, if the patient has a timely treatment, the mortality rate is less than one percentage.


Dengue fever is due to the following four types of dengue virus:
Denv1 .1
Denv2 .2
Denv3 .3
Denv4 .4
Virus is a special type of mosquito in human being. This mosquito is called ạy̰ڈy̰s ạy̰jpٹy̰ aedes aegypti. Ea Bc this mosquito cuts in the morning and evening. Personally to avoid dengue virus and keep y̰nٹy̰’s Need steps on the level. In the streets, in the parks and behind the houses, the water is not standing behind and the protection of cutting the mosquitoes, the mosquitoes and the bugs are the use of bcẖạw̉wạly̰ latticework and the use of latticework.
Dengue virus can’t be transferred to another person.
However, a infection of dengue virus is completed when mosquitoes are the wallow of a human being with a virus and transfer the virus to the blood which the human being is in the disease. in other humans The virus is the fear of outbreak when the dengue virus in a mcẖھrjs does not exist already cuts the patient of the dengue. Types of this virus goes away from this patient even in mosquitoes and that mosquito when it cuts another man The virus move to this person too. The types of mosquitoes will be transferred to the virus. This is why it is very important to keep the dengue patient, so that the virus can be stopped from the outbreak.
Dengue virus in the areas where dengue’s fever is common, there is more fear of the outbreak. Its reason is the inappropriate arrangement of cleaning purity. The water in the take, the water of the water in the open dirty nạlےạwr cities, the water of ạy̰ڈy̰s ạy̰jpٹy̰ aedes aegypti. Mosquitoes provide the best opportunity of the breeding generation.
The fever of dengue is common in these areas of the world:
Sub in which pakistan is included
Southeast Ạy̰sẖạٗ
Latin America
Caribbean island
In addition to these reasons people’s daily journey is also the cause of the in other areas from one area of dengue virus.

Diagnosis and testing:

Dengue Bkẖạrḵy̰ assessment ea is as the bẓạہrʿlạmạt and marks.
If the patient is very sharp fever, extreme head pain, pain behind the eyes and pain in couples, it can be dengue infection.
The patient history also helps the diagnosis. May the patient recently travel to a area where this virus is common.
The patient’s full blood factors can be taken by the number of, so that it can be determined by the number of ply̰ٹy̰lٹ (platelets).
Some time dengue fever is diagnosed because the other fever in which malaria and ٹạỷy̰fạỷڈ etc shaw found there are also symptoms of types.


There is no vaccine to eliminate dengue infection. To avoid dengue fever, dengue is bcẖạw̉ḍrwry̰ by cutting mosquitoes. It can be done for the following steps.
The full arm shirt, socks and pants can be protected from the ḵےạstʿmạl in early morning and evening.
Mosquitoes and bugs are necessary to kill medicines.
Wherever you are possible, you should be used for the rescue of mosquitoes while sleeping from mosquitoes.
To stop the water inside the house, the streets and the surrounding.