Do not rush for registration



Do not rush for registration, but

  1. Adjust your position description and supervision plan as per recommendations, e.g doing ATLS (even they ask you to do in forst 6 months, do it before you apply for registration)

  2. Attend previous pesci recommendations. E.g doing observership in Aust hospital OR similar

  3. Do CPD activities/ workshop for each type of case you get in all pesci you went through (old or recent). For example, you had a case of PAP smear, do PAP smear workshop. You had a case of prostatitis, do men health CPD

  4. Try to do courses in CPR, ATLS, ACLS, aboriginal workshop, men health, women, health, mental health and skin disease

  5. If you have more than three years gap, go back to your country and practice as GP full time for 3 months. If less than 3 years do CPD activities as discussed in point three (50h/year)

  6. Make your documents supportive:

a) One month active observership: you and your supervisor will be in same room after your registration: This is different than the observership you are doing now. As after registration, you are ethically and legally can take history, examine the patient and log on patient file

b) You will be on L1 for 3 month with face to face discussion for 6 h/week

c) Then if supervisors happy, will be on L2 for 6 months with face to face discussion 4h/week

d) Even you are on L2, your supervisors will be available physically in clinic, the only difference, no need to consult in every case

e) Regardless of supervision level, no after-hours no week end and your supervisors will be available in clinic and no home visit even L3

I hope this hint will help you during your PESCI preparation


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