Dr. gets sick on hunger strike. KC

Dr. gets sick on hunger strike. KC

The hair that blooms. As the age is 60, the face is also needed. On top of that hungry stomach for two days. Yet he is steadfast in his religion. We have seen a lot of people living in the movement without doing their work because they don’t get service facilities.

But, doctor who was on hunger strike for two days in Jumla demanding the health safety of the people. Govind KC has not left his medical religion despite having a hungry stomach. Dr. The twin citizens who only heard about KC have now reached the hunger strike with the expectation of quality treatment after reaching their place for hunger strike.

Dr. demanding improvement in health sector and quality health education teaching in remote sector from Monday. KC is on hunger strike in Jumla. So many people are coming to see him there. Most of the visitors are sick. Some come with their own problems and some carry children. They are starting to show it to KC.

Dr. who has high self-strength even though he has a weak body. KC hasn’t stopped taking care of the patients who come with problems without even caring for them that they are hungry. He is offering treatment services at the hunger strike.

Dr. on hunger strike demanding improvement in medical education. KC is in the way of dying but not breaking the hunger strike until the demand is fulfilled. He says he won’t stop serving the patient until his last breath due to his medical religion not being able to disgrace the patients who come for treatment.

After getting the information that there was a hunger strike in the temple, the local poor and poor citizens have started reaching the temple in the hope of free treatment. Dr. fasting in the temple without taking care of his life. Locals have praised KC for the interest he has shown about the health condition of the citizens even when he is hungry.

He should conduct programs including MBBS in Karnali Health Sciences Institute and immediately grant postgraduate level permission, start teaching at Geta Medical College and Rapti Health Sciences Institute, Province 2 and Gandaki Province and Doti, Dadeldhura, Udaipur and Ilam, Panchthar Government Medical College And they have demanded that the hospital procedure should be proceeded.

Dr. demanding to be amended in the Medical Education Act as per the agreement with him on 2075 Shrawan 10 KC has started hunger strike. Earlier, he had also done the 16th Satyagraha in Jumma.