:Face mask & Immunity of COVID-19

:Face mask & Immunity of COVID-19

A surprising information has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
They are saying that using face mask is creating immunity against corona disease for many and their security of being infected is very low.

It’s on a hypothesis level.
More study is needed to prove it.

For every infectious disease, it depends on a certain amount of germs. This is called Infectious Dose. So the more the load of germs, the more the safety of the disease.
The amount of this viral load is reduced due to the use of Face Mask.
As a result, the patient is infected with Corona, but there are few symptoms and most of them are not having any serious problems.

An article published in Lancet last month showed that Viral Load during the Corona infected time. Mortality has a relationship with this.
The more the viral load, the higher the rate of mortality.
That’s why they are calling Viral Load at diagnosis as Independent Predictor of Mortality.

Now the question is whether the immunity that will be created for this low viral load is enough?
A study published last week shows that mild or asymptotic corona patients are being created a strong immunity. And this immunity works like a vaccine.

In a cruise ship in Argentina, all passengers use Face Mask and Staff N95.
Later it is seen that 81 % of the total corona infected are Asymptotic. They didn’t have any signs.
However, the rate of this Asymptotic infected was only 20 %. due to not using Face Mask in a cruise ship.

This shows the necessity of using Face Mask.
As long as the corona vaccine is not coming, Face Mask will work as a vaccine for Corona disease.

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