Got to hear that the exam was on the tougher side

Got to hear that the exam was on the tougher side.

Was it? Lengthy questions? Clinical stems?

Ectopic topics?

Lets discuss ophthalmology questions here.

Post whatever you do remember of the questions.

So to recap

  1. Blue eyes image - cong glaucoma/buphthalmos

  2. Optic chaisma impinge - ant communicating artey

  3. Visual field, both eyes cant see right side - left optic tract

  4. Fundus image - hard exudates in dm

  5. Flexner rosettes, leukocoria - RB

  6. Contact lens, papillae - GPC

  7. Eyelid coloboma - exposure keratopathy

  8. Chisel hammer trauma, so iron fb - MRI not done

  9. Myopic astigmatism, child not comfortable with spects, 15 y, so cant do surgery - spherical eq spects

  10. Night blindness, grittiness - retinoic acid

  11. Anti glaucoma drug in a patient with bronchial asthma - latanoprost

Anything else?

Acc to this list - 8 easy direct q, 3 slightly newish,tricky yet not difficult