Halitosis or bad breath


Halitosis or bad breath

Halitosis, more commonly called bad breath is a persistent or frequent “inconvenience” of breath often experienced in a shameful way.

The causes of bad breath:

  • most cases of bad breath come from the mouth itself and can be caused by:
  • some foods like garlic, onions or some spices.
  • bad oral hygiene.
  • Oral infection
  • alcoholic drinks
  • tobacco
  • hormonal problems in some pregnant women.
  • morning breath caused by reducing the production of saliva at night.

Halitosis can sometimes be the symptoms of a more serious health problem such as:

  • respiratory diseases, a infection of the sinuses or throat (Tonsillitis).
    =Certains cancer or metabolism problems can lead to characteristic bad breath, such as:
  • diabetes ;- a gastrointestinal reflux.
  • kidney failure or liver.
  • some medicines, such as antihistamines.

Basic preventive measures:

  • Brush your teeth and tongue at least twice a day after meals.
  • use dental silk once a day to remove foods stuck between teeth.
  • clean dentures regularly.
  • drink enough water to ensure the hydration of the mouth.
  • suck candy or chewing gum (ideally without sugar) in case of dry mouth.
  • consume fibers (fruits and vegetables).
  • reduce alcohol consumption.
  • consult a dentist regularly, at least once a year for possible care and for regular cleaning.

Sometimes, the is subjective, imaginary or psychogenic, it is a disorder characterized by the obsession of having bad breath, which is false.
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