Hi friends need urgent help my igE level is very high it's 1100

Hi friends need urgent help my igE level is very high it’s 1100 …I m on Allegra 180 with monticope bd from last 2 months but no improvement…I have severe itching over dependent parts usually itching leads to crust and blebs like wound…plz anyone tell me treatment for igE to improve my condition

Derma dikhao. Lichen planus hojayega

Hyper Ige syndrome h

You should visit a doctor rather then using fb if its so serious

yup. I think she should see a rheumatologist

Treat the cause of itching… you’re treating the symptom whilst the cause is persisting…

Take DEC 100 tds fr 2 weeks along with Hydroxyzine

If not reduced consult Dermatologist or Chest specialist with specialisation in Allergic disorder. Either Omalizumab or Allergen immunotherapy can work

I know. Plus very very few availability in India

But in big institutes like AIIMS, Ganga Ram’s, DDUs fr Health care workers can provide at a subsidised rates

Consult dermat in ur city…many dds like urticarial vasculitis/LP/Bullous pemphigoid etc…physical examination must

Now time for steroids…if not contraindicated…but before that take albendazole…worm infestation can b a cause…n stool culture also…consult dermatologist before starting steroids…they will rule out better…try to assess allergan n avoid it…avil n dexa is a good combination…to avoid further progress…angioedema can occur…so keep eye on face n lip swelling…it becomes danger…

Dermatologists ko consult karo yar kya group mai puchre!.. it’s abt ur health common dude!