How can a man can stop masturbation...?

How can a man can stop masturbation…?

You firstly need to know that it a sin against God
And also read the word of God that annuls such practice
And pray to God for deliverance

If he is single then best thing is to get married to someone he loves

Stop feeding the habit because what ever u feed grows… What u don’t feed dies off. U keep feeding it will grow and kill many aspect of ur life
Avoid factors that trigger urged for masturbation

When u are done wit deleting of those porn videos n pix.
Surrender ur life to Christ n live a normal life.

My dear habit is like a cobweb,if you remove the cobweb without killing the spider it will still reappear.Be determined if you want to stop it, avoid pornography ,pray for God’s grace and always be occupied in your mind.Dont be idle for an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

The first step is to surrender to Jesus because only him can help you

my dear it’s a sin against the flesh.go and read the book of Leviticus in your Bible.

Through prayers, fasting, and reading the HoLY BIBLE regularly and asking for forgiveness from the Lord Almighty ,thanks.

Even if you marry now,you will still masturbate when your wife is on her period,you need prayers and deliverance coz is satanic,you need to go away the thought of sex in your heart coz the bible says,out of the abundance heart conceived evils, when that spirit come upon you,read your Bible or sing praises to God and the feeling will go coz the bible says that,resist the devil and he will leave you, if you’re capable of getting married, get your self a wife, God help you.

U need to determine first of all to stop it, 2ndly u need to Know theres a spirit enjoying wat u doing. 3rdly u pray and rebuke her in Jesus name wit all anger in ur heart break all convenants and soul ties with the spirit wive. Nicubus and succubus

King Ezenwa you’re the only person who answered correctly to his question, please encourage him more sir, make him know of his own will it wont stop, cause just as you said, there’s a spirit attached to it,and it takes his determination and God to help him. thanks sir

  1. Change your mind set on doing it.
  2. Believe in yourself that you can stop it
  3. Stop thinking of sex any time you are lonely and alone
  4. Always keep yourself busy when ever you are alone and lonely
  5. Always mix up with people and discuss important issues that doesn’t involve sex of any type
  6. Any time you have the urge of sex and you don’t have any partner to sex with just take a walk out visit your friend or go for games to keep your mind away from the urge .
  7. Stop watching anything that has sex etc phonographic, sex movie and online sex chat and call.
  8. Always pray to God :pray: to take away the thought from your mind
  9. Avoid anyone eg friends and relatives that is corrupt with sex stuff
  10. Stay safe and get a good responsible girl for marriage let her know your weak point about masturbating so that she can help you by satisfying you with sex always …
    Trust me with these little advice of mine masturbation is gone forever in your life . Then come and thank me latter …

First you have to tell yourself that you’ll stop it and be determined to do that
Secondly you’ll need to talk to someone trustworthy maybe a spiritual director if you have any to guide you out of it…
If doesn’t mean while doing all these you won’t be tempted to indulge in it once in a while… You’ll be tempted and sometimes you might fall in but it’s okay cos it’s still part of the process jut follow the instruction given to you by your spiritual director or any means you derive to save yourself and make sure you follow it strictly maybe I think maybe you’ll be out of it.