How to deal with work related criticism and torturous behavior of seniors and teachers during residency

How to deal with work related criticism and torturous behavior of seniors and teachers during residency

Suffering the very same here…

Needs solution.

Regarding work related criticism… remember if one is taking out the time pointing out your professional mistakes…means they expect something from you and they see the potential that you could do better. Regarding other toxic behavior, believe that it will pass, don’t let it take a toll on you. Take care. You are stronger than you think.
Take such things on a lighter note…

U have two ears it’s upto u to decide which should enter ur brain and which should by pass.

And beleive me scoldings criticism will help u grow because it’s just a begining of the bitter world outside.

And after a year of surpassing this be a trend setter by nit harassing your juniors
If a senior is torturing means he don’t have enough knowledge to share u, so that please understand that is his escapism. Keep an elbow room once he tries to cross that strech ur hands and tell him enough is enough otherwise it will cost u more,.Remember life is precious not allow any senior to enter in it. Workplace,mistakes, ignorance all should end in hospital that is all if it crosses kick them out end of story.some things cannot be expressed in words…they have to be experienced…but trust me nobody does it for selfish reasons…its the unavoidable situation which everybody goes through…But u keep reminding yourself that THIS MOMENT IS NOT FOREVER…you will be fine

Treat them like ocd patients in mind… for small things they give 2-3 lengthy statement dialogues… let them over act and waste their energies… u dont react and save ur energies…

if they are like " u cant handle such a small thing… u fit for nothing…"

U be like " ohh thank you sir…ur taking ur time scolding me and correcting me i am fit for nothing… it means im bad… but u are disaster…😂🤣"… but this runs inside our mind

1.If its the faculty…can’t help…have to go through it…but be the judge whether they are doing it to make u a better doc or its just sadistic…ignore them if its the latter!& be sincere if they r doing it fr ur gud… After 1st year it will come down for sure…in both cases…

  1. If its ur senior…as someone pointed out…they may not b knowledgeable or skilled to share it wid u…so they wud do it as a part of der insecurity…dont try to show ur highest ability wen they r around…let them think ur incapable & be happy in der bubble

If they r doing it fr ur gud… then gain their trust…such seniors are ur saviours in ur tenure & for exams…

Alcohol l surely help to break the ice in initial days! Atb