I had a patient who had a hard time to breathe in the emergency of the hospital that I work once

I had a patient who had a hard time to breathe in the emergency of the hospital that I work once. Exactly forgot the diagnosis but was low, was tachypnea, had a case to be put in the case to put in the corner. It was the beginning of the day, I didn’t know much about the emergency department. I asked et tube, laryngoscope, the staff got it.
“I don’t get it here, how many years ago, which doctor used to walk once in the head of the doctor, where is it, we should find it”
Try to search for laryngoscope here, find et tube at the pharmacy there. Laryngoscope was found after a moment. But I was not found, but no one can use such stuff here, but I said that I have not been asked. Not found in the hospital, not found in the pharmacy all over the market.
Oxygen was going on, no one knows how to go by holding a bag of bag, taught me to catch it, it’s time to go home after duty at one time, that star started watching the clock. Another one didn’t have arrived. One after one, another came, taught another. Another new patients were coming to emergency, they were also getting sick because of the time of the ocean was opened, I was also hungry after drinking tea.
Tried to explain to the relatives of the patient about disease, problems and treatment. Take it out, can’t be treated by keeping it on the ventilator, to do as much as you can.
What could have been done there?
In the hospital with 2 Doctors, 1 people could not be able to sit in the hospital like this. In Emergency with 1 staff, all other patients should not leave him and sit with him. The patient should have been in the hospital with any facility in the hospital, some of the case could not be treated in the emergency of a small hospital. At the end I understood that truth and let’s make everything to my relatives and give it to the oxygen mask, with some medicine. I came out to eat the crowd from emergency watching the crowd from emergency.
What kind of comment would this society comment if someone had taken a video of a patient in emergency?

  • the case of intubate has been left wearing a mask.
  • why not put on the Venice?
  • if I had my patients, would it be like that?
  • where did the doctor go after leaving emergency patient?
  • emergency important or an important? Why did you leave here and go to Odisha?
  • where are the monitor added?
  • doctors forgot the ethics, they forgot the pain of the patient.

I’m not trying to protect anyone.
I am trying to say two things.

  1. Photos, videos, audio will present only one part of any event. He doesn’t give a complete picture. We analysis that incomplete picture based on our experience, mood, memory, personality, and make a thought, which might not be right. (it may be)

Only the people who work in 2. Ground Zero have experienced reality. Everyone’s ground is zero different. We read guidelines and treatment in fat book but it is not possible to leave some private hospitals in Kathmandu and follow those guide to the hospital all over the country, not one but many things stop. Relatives Money, sādhanasrōta, untrained staff, unmanaged teams etc. That’s why before saying it’s a mistake, these things should also be kept in mind.