I had ACL surgery and meniscus work done one the 12th

hello everyone, i had ACL surgery and meniscus work done one the 12th. im 3 days post op. do you think i can try to shower myself on my own? im having a difficult time getting help from my partner. i feel so disgusting and it’s getting to me mentally. i have a chair for better accessibility. i can leave my bad knee out of the tub. would you recommend me to get help? i do have a shower head with a long hose. can i do it on my own? also i did exercises for the first time yesterday and thats when i felt the most pain. i have a cryotherapy machine that has helped manage the pain and ive been taking pain killers to help as well. i start PT next monday. what can i expect from that?

I wrapped my leg with plastic wrap and taped it up around the top and bottom and showered that way and sat in my chair. Seriously made it alot easier to be able to do it myself.

I would definitely recommend sitting in the shower for the first few weeks. I used my Yeti cooler until I got to the point where I could lower myself down. I did not shower until 5 days after to avoid damaging the sutures.