I had my PLAB 2 exam 2 days ago


I had my PLAB 2 exam 2 days ago. I would like to share my experience with SAMSON ACADEMY to be honest in my review as i am 50 50 in pass and fail predictions. I cannot recommend you which academy to join. But i will definitely recommend you NOT to join samson academy and please save your money. You are not attending samson, you are attending samson videos only. If you want to get insulted infront of everyone in the feedback then join samson. If you want someone to treat students like play school kids then join samson academy. He always insult people about there language and accent. In fact he has the worst accent ever that i cant understand anything from his videos AND I Ended up depending on my own from other notes cuz i don’t understand him. He asks us to write down all the stations to remember it and didn’t give us notes. So he basically doesn’t want anyone to get his notes even after you pay him 600 pounds as he is assuming that we should write it down 10 hours 14 days unstoppable to remember it. And ofcourse all of us end up searching for other academies notes cuz mr samson academy stands on notes, videos and manikins, without these 3 things no one will join him, so suffer for the sake of Mr samson’s profits. lastly, i had my last mock 2 days before my exam and he asked for all of us to come at 9 am. We arrived 9 am to find out he is splitting us to two groups 9 and 1, and even 1 pm started later. I had my mock at pm group so i wasted 4 hours then after the mock he left us in the room for about 3 hours doing nothing then a feedback that spent most of it criticizing people and tell some of us you will fail “including me” and he just reviewed one case from the mock and said we will do the rest tomorrow on skype. He wasted the whole day which was very critical day to me as my next day i would be traveling to manchester so no good chance to study much in the last day.
Thank you
Update: couple of students came late in the feedback of the 3rd mock. He asked the girl to pay 20 pounds penalty to attend mock 4. I didn’t believe this was happening until the mock started and he got them both out, the guy asked me what do you think i should do, i said as much as i hate this, but pay bro to catch your exam for now. And i saw samson closing the door infront of him. The secretarty was then knocking the door i told him mr samson someone is knocking the door he made a sign with his hands which means i don’t care. Then he finally decided to open the door to see one of the worst scenes in my life. Mr samson is watching the 40 pounds “ 20 and 2 10s” in the secretarty’s hands so he allowed them back in the mock.

Update: As i said an honest review i will give 2 stars not 1 on google for the beautiful young teachers i met there: Afia, mona, logan and khairy. As much as i love them and i see them very high qualified, but the system of the academy is killing it. and also for letting us practise in academy rooms in free days, and for the availability of the manikins and for free coffee and water.