I have a question about the GMC registration process


I have a question about the GMC registration process.

I initially completed my medical schooling in India in 2014, after which I began my internship period. After 6 months, I took a prolonged break to attend elective postings in the US followed by 2 years in a separate hospital. Following that, I returned to my internship and completed my remaining 6 months and passed both PLAB exams.

During my application for full registration, I provided the GMC with a letter of no objection from my college stating that the break was taken with their permission (as well as acceptance letters from the US colleges I attended and a reference letter from my employer during those 2 years) when they asked me to explain the gap. Yesterday, I received an email stating that since I have a gap in my internship period, “it is likely that the Registrar will not be satisfied that an applicant has the experience necessary” and offering two options: Withdraw my application and reapply later or withdraw and reapply for provisional registration instead.

Does anyone have any similar experiences or at least some ideas on how to move forward?