I just had my step 1 last week and i want to share my experience


I just had my step 1 last week and i want to share my experience with you and give you some tips that worked for me …
in general i think that the difficulty of the exam is not extreme …it is reasonably doable (furthermore if you are already used to the format and type of questions like nbme or uworld) … the majority of questions require thinking (but not extremeley deep thinking and integration like uworld questions… they are more like nbme’s … like 18-19-20-21 nbme’s) and there are some questions that are really straight forward and that require memory (honestly i suck memorizing things… so i believe i got wrong that ones because i get confused easily when memorizing things)
i think the most difficult part of the exam is physical resistance and endurance… being sit down that long period of time is exhausting !!! and also the thing that you have to deal with other people at the room that are making noise , or the air conditioning is too cold or too hot … so what worked out forme in this point was this : first of all skip the tutorial (because the audio checking part is the very beginning and doesn’t belong in the tutorial and is not timed… also check the brightness of your computer because at the end of the day your eyes will gonna be 2 raisins)…at the end of each block if you have remaining time stay in your seat, close your eyes and breathe deep, try to relax and clear your mind until the time of that block runs out … i took a 15 min break at the end of block 3, block 5 and block 6 (i took my cellphone with me and run the stopwatch to control your break time) … during your breaks eat something with a lot of fat or proteins (i had peanut butter and dark chocolate, a turkey bacon sandwich and some of this fruit babyfood … in my country it is called Gerber haha it really worked !!! try to fill and stay satisfied but not too much or you will be drousy) … also if you have time at your breaks try to stretch your muscles and breathe some fresh air … i have a little embarrasing tip for the girls like me that pee a lot … i bought some adult diapers hahaha they really worked because i wasnt anxious because of going to pee after each block, i changed the diaper for a new one when i took the 5th block break
also try to bring your own earplugs and wear the noise cancelling earphones along with the earplugs… you wont get distracted so easily … i had 2 audio questions so you can change to the other headphones really quick
try to wear something stupidly comfort (i didnt wear a bra that day) and also something to stay warm inside the room if the air conditioning is on
regarding review stuff… i recommend reading the rapid review of the FA on the day before (but during the morning… try to stay the most relaxed and clear the evening before) i have some biochem and formulas flashcard that i read the day before (i will upload them soon) … the day of the exam take a shower and get a huge breakfast (but not with a lot of carbs)
i think the most important thing is to control your nervousness… (because during block 1 i got freaked out and i changed a lot of answers — although during my uworld round it turned out that i use to change my answers into the correct ones… i feel that it doesnt tunred out well during that block for me)
i have a lot of things in my head right now hahaha but i believe i have told you the most important things i remember … anyway i’m leaving you my email if you have any doubt, because i’m disconnecting myself from everywhere for this week … hahahah my step 2 ck course begins on monday and i’m stupidly tired … my mail is sofiakuri@yahoo.com.mx!!
Good luck !