I just had my third ACL reconstruction


Thanks for the add!!

I just had my third ACL reconstruction.

L knee- 2002. Tore ACL while swing dancing. That was a thing, remember? Patellar autograft secured with screws. Has been holding up great.

R knee- 2012. Tore ACL during karate high kick contest with my husband. :rofl: Cadaver allograft that unbeknownst to anyone was ripping chronically. When it finally gave way two weeks ago, caused a medial basket handle meniscus tear.

R knee- 2018. I’m 18hrs post op from a quadricep autograft. Surgeon also re-drilled holes and filled in the older, abnormally large (17mm) with bone grafts to eventually fill in naturally. My nerve block is starting to wear off. :cry:

Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories!!