I passed my exam 2 days back and couldn't be any less excited. At the same time very thankful to Dr Hamed and his team.


I passed my exam 2 days back and couldn’t be any less excited. At the same time very thankful to Dr Hamed and his team.
So I thought it’s time to give back something to the hard-working people at CS.

The main purpose of this review is to remove any confusion for people thinking about attending CS. For me it was a great journey. Met some great people. Had a very memorable time and ofcourse learned a lot!

Myths to be debunked:-

  1. “Classes are very long, you’ll probably die during one.” WRONG. If you’re actually serious about the exam you won’t even feel it. Just make sure you have a good breakfast :wink:

  2. Dr. Hamed is rude. WRONG again!
    I actually became a fan of how he handles and manages everything. This is a very common line that many people say and I am going to repeat it. “He is the teacher I wish I had in my medical school”
    He not only helps you with preparation but every aspect of exam. And in this day and age when people forget to text their loved ones; he doesn’t forget to text his students before the exam.
    He is so influential that a lot of students started speaking just like him during practice sessions :smiley:

Extra Features:-

For me, something that helped a lot were the sessions on first floor. Also, I met a lot of people who could not clear in the first attempt. They were the main reason I cleared the exam smoothly. Because there is this misconception that PLAB is an easy exam and a lot of people take it lightly.
As soon as I saw those smart and intelligent people taking the exam twice and thrice, the “Kill yourself” actually resonated with me.

It would be unfair to not mention Dr. Elmira here. Her one Supervised workshop was better than many other classes we had. She is not only a good teacher but a great actress as well :smiley:

In the end, every place has its pros and cons but after seeing a lot of it, I can easily place my bets on CS for PLAB2.

Once again Thank you to everyone who made this journey so memorable and to the entire team at CS for helping us get done with it.