Is it compulsory to do DM after MD (general medicine)?


Is it compulsory to do DM after MD (general medicine)? Can’t we join any govt. Medical college and earn?

Its not compulsory at all. It is just that their demand(DM, Mch) is rising in metro cities only otherwise even plain mbbs earn quite well in periphery as well cities.

Yes… definitely. Otherwise you’ll be judged by society like…beta Sharma ji k bete/beti ko dekho DM/MCh h
… aur tum bs plain MD… kuchh krte kyu nhi

bro. I’m interested in ophthal. But many of my seniours are telling that money is less in ophthal. They r telling join Radio money is there, and violence free environment.

radio me paisa hota to aise post thodi dalte radio waale. If you know what i mean :joy: jokes apart paisa sab me milega

Fellowship wagera bhi kroge ophthal me to bhi bhut impact pdega

A good MD Physician is in great demand today and earns well too. It’s not mandatory to go ahead but then you should have your priorities clear to yourself. Don’t feel inferior to DMs later on.

Depends on your ambition… Now you are GP and post MD MEDICINE you will be specialist GP… this is the difference amongst medical fraternity n educated society… Otherwise MD general medicine gives lots of opportunity as every patient needs a good doctor … Initially difficult to establish as consultant in metros but no problem in remote areas