Isolation passengers Dr. Milan Malla

Isolation passengers

Dr. Milan Malla


Anything, is difficult before it gets easy. I’m going to be a

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When the doctor himself is sick, he may remain a doctor or become sick or counted in bed number, along with the brother who brought a big oxygen to his nose, the nursing staff who came to connect the oxygen to the road to his nose was dilemma.

He was falling in that side bed. Told him all those things were already broken, neither the name is big, nor the work is big, nor the reward he received was great. Only if I can breathe, I wish I could take it, but if I can only take it, that is bigger. Everything else in the world is small.

Space small, rocket small, Donald Trump small, Bill Gates small, Russia small, sun small, moon small, sky small, land small, ocean small, achievement small, mockery small, sorrow small, happiness small.

bidh labsanima

Bus, breath is big, oxygen is big, the same cylinder standing beside is big.

He complained that there are so many people in the world, not eating oxygen on his part. If he had his share that oxygen measuring machine wouldn’t have pointed in red.

He also found it wrong that the tree-plant that he studied in science during school makes oxygen from photocynthesis, if it was made why did he have to be sprinkled, like a fish without water!

He thought the lungs and hearts were participating in the big race. Let’s believe that he has to run with a bolt. The biggest target of T-cricket is to chase. Lungs got 6 sixes in 6 balls and heart got Chris Gayle’s strike rate as he kept speeding up. It’s been his regular work for a few days.