It a physical finding with arterial pulse waves

it a physical finding with arterial pulse waves showing an alternating strong&weak beats with regular intervals.


it is an indicative of a sever lt.ventricular impairment(lt. sided heart failure).&carries a poor prognosis.

#D/d #of_pulsus_paradoxus

*Constrictive pericarditis(rarely)

*sever obstructive pulm.disease(eg

*sever B/A)

*tension pneumothorax


*cardiogrnic shock

*Cardiac tamponade


-palpate the radial artery& feel for the regular rhythem, you will find an alternating strong&weak pulseā€¦to cofirm:

-use a bp cuff,infilate the pressure to above the systolic level.then lower the pressure slowly toward the systolic level& hear the korotkoof sounds.

*you will hear an alternating loud&soft korotkoof sounds.this imdicates pulsis alternans.