Its going to be a long post bcz i feel its my responsibility to share my experience to help other plabbers


Yesterday i recieved my plab 2 rslt…my wife and i attended common stations and both of us passed,thanks to the amazing team of common stations :blush:
Its going to be a long post bcz i feel its my responsibility to share my experience to help other plabbers…
At start i was in doubts…met many people who tried to demoralize us tht v hv chosen the wrong acadmy…some of them were those who didnt pass the exam…but v took a leap of faith and started dr hamed course…em so happy it wasn’t a disappointment at all…instead it made all the difference that made us pass in 1st attempt.

Dr Hamed Salehi said to us on our vry 1st day ‘This isnt going to be a walk in the park…gear up for some really tough days ahead…i promise i will do my best,all i ask from u is tht u people do ur part too’
And he did his part really really well…in my entire life,i havent seen such a dedicated person…he is a MACHINE…he will teach us with same energy throughout the day…from 10 in the morning till midnight…with same fervour and passion
How can u not appreciate this man?..the energy he puts throughout the course make u work harder just to match his devotion…
He gave us all the tools to pass this exam…all it needed was to follow his organized pattern and PRACTICE…
Plab 2 is a vry different exam and it really need hard work…there will be many people who will deter u from right path…who will make u doubt tht u hv chosen the wrong acadmy…ignore all those people…it is a vry passable exam if u work hard…dont follow any fb or whatsapp group of other batches or academies…just follow one group of ur batch mates on whatsapp…practice practics practice…u r gonna ace this exam if u follow everything u were taught in ur course…u might be a vry learned dr but u will fail this exam if u dont practice…gud interpersonal skills r the key of passing this exam and u can only accomplish tht by doing practice
It will be highly unjust if i dont mention Dr Elmira Yaghmaei here…she was the calmness in the storm :joy: the captain of our ship…she has a way of giving confidence to people tht is inexplicable…brilliance par none…a rare pure talent :blush:
Her way of teaching different examination stations was absolutely amazing as she makes everything vry easy…practice classes with her made us realise our mistakes and she taught us how to connect with patients really well
I practiced one station with her in front of class and i got tht exact station in plab exam and i secured 12/12 in tht station :blush:
My wife and i owe u big time dr elmira :blush:
Special thanks to mock examiners Dr Idrees Kayani Dr Soheb Rehman Dr Walid Siouda dr kumar Dr ahmad dr armaghan…those mock exams were brilliant and taught us many crucial things from their experiences.

And at last but not the least,my amazing batch mates of batch WW who were more than just colleagues…they were like family…i hope we all will meet up soon enough in u.k and look back at all those memories v made :heart::blush::blush: