Lately ,i have seen so many posts regarding how depressed everyone is about everything


Gudmrng india… gudmrng fellow medicos…
Lately ,i have seen so many posts regarding how depressed everyone is about everything…
1)what will happen if NMC comes into play
2)My professor is giving me hard time ,i am depressed
3)The workload is insane,i cant take it anymore
4)I cant study anymore,i have to switch branch
5)then there r us females,who have extra shitload of convincing our inlaws and husband to atleast let us “dream” equally of doing pg :wink:
6)poor guys who have to take care of a family as if according to the society only then can and they shud take care of a family by earning soon😅
People among our fraternity end up commiting suicide because of such endless problems…
But its time we look around,there r thousands of our brothers n sisters with exactly the same problems like us…when we open up about our problems ,so many likes and so many comments we get in support…some narcissistic jerks do like to act smarter than the rest and comment like some 1 year old but,
pushing those comments down the toilet drain…dont we have so many to atleast share our belief ,our mental agony…???:slightly_smiling_face:
Start thinking that what is the the worst thing that could happen if u just let go of ur fear??:sweat_smile:

1.Like let go of the fear that professor would make our like hell or they wont give us cases…fine do let them not to…we can learn later…trust me life is too long to learn…we keep learning until we die😉
2.start saying no to bullying by seniors juniors or batchmates…dont end up doing everything they ask u to…they equally make our lives hell…u have to put ur mental peace above all .
3.handle ur personal life as if nothing worst has happened yet… because we still are in good health and can earn to feed ourselves…that thing is what millions across the planet hopes for
4.start feeding stray dogs or cats…trust me it gives u such immense peace (unless of course u have a sadistic personality… in that case get treatment soon🙂)
5.let go of any kind of fear… especially “log kya kahenge”
… because wo to kal bhi kehte the…aaj unke bete beti kahenge…aur kal ko unke naati pote bhi kahaenge😅…do what gives u peace… others…like simply carrying someone’s heavy jhola Across the road… saying thanku to d old fruit vendoraunty or giggle at a child and make them laugh…
7.and ,dont ever think of ending ur life… because fir to KISSAA hi khatam h dost…just think that the life u screwed up earlier to get ur dream branch ,was it so worthless then also…??? Then why did u dream of it in d first place… hang on to that dream n dont let go… Never ever let go of that slightest of hope that tomorrow Everything will be okay…
The waiting period to feel fine and happy is never ending because only, once u r at peace with urself ,the outside chaos doesn’t matter at all.nothing is more precious than one’s life…dont waste it…u never know…u may become a earthworm in next life and never get out of the shit again​:roll_eyes::sweat_smile:
Just relax guys​:kissing_heart:it gets fine with time…no wound is evergreen…have faith in urself…gud day :slightly_smiling_face: