Like diabetes and blood pressure is a disease



Like diabetes and blood pressure is a disease, this is how the depression is also a cardiac that can happen to anyone. Like other sick, these people also deserve to be treated and treatment. A ڈY̰prsڈ can improve its own.
If you are dy̰pry̰sڈ, don’t make it secret, share it, it is a general treatment. If you are like this, then do exercise, even if it is a few minutes of walk, keep yourself busy. It is focused on GI.
Diet steady, fruit and vegetables are very useful. in depression people reduce food y̰ạcẖھwڑ give which is a dangerous act because like this vitamin becomes less and the depression increases.
Some people take support of alcohol or marijuana, gạnjے and etc to deliver from it, but their effect ends, the depression is already extended. Don’t get upset by getting sleep.
If you know the reason for your depression then consider how to solve it? This too can help reduce depression. Remind yourself that the experience you are passing through and people have also passed.
One one day your depression will be finished even if you don’t feel like this. The Treatment of depression is also done through the talks (psycho therapy) and also from anti-ڈpry̰snٹ medicines and by the use of both the time. Possible
But this thing can tell the therapist more better. In Light and medium-level depression can be well done by using sạỷy̰ḵwtھrạpy̰, if depression is more extreme then it is necessary to give medicine.

Treatment through words (Sạỷy̰ḵwtھrạpy̰).
In depression often people feel better than sharing their feelings with a reliable person. Most of their feelings are hard to be bạnٹnạ with relatives or friends.
It is easier to talk to a psychologist.
Treatment (conversation) is to meet an hour in the week from psychologist, and this kanun may be to weeks.
If the depression is running for a long time, then you can also suggest anti-inflammatory medicines. According to experts, there are many chemical materials in human brain that can get the signal from one tissue to another tissue.
There are two special materials in depression which are called sy̰rwٹwnn and nạrạy̰ڈry̰nạly̰n. Anti-ڈy̰pry̰snٹ medications are helpful to increase the amount of these materials.
There are harmful effects of these enlargement, but not extreme, and they end in a few times. Isi, anti-ڈy̰pry̰snٹ medicines are created in some patients and unrest in the beginning of the beginning.
In a few weeks of the beginning with the tri-Sạỷḵlsٹ Anti-ڈpry̰snٹ medicines, the mouth can be dry and constipation complaints. If these malicious effects are not too extreme, your doctor will say, " continue medicine, why often continue medicine in patients This effects ends from.
Anti-ڈy̰pry̰snٹ medicines have to continue to be at least months after the pandavas, otherwise the symptoms of disease are the risk of returning. These medicines are slowly closed. Remember that anti-ڈy̰pry̰snٹ medicines are not addicted to its own. Bnạty̰ں.
If you stop anti-ڈpry̰snٹ medicines suddenly, panic, unstable and rims can be the complaints of the dream. If the medications are slowly closed then these complaints are rarely.

Expert psychological diseases (Sạỷy̰ḵạỷٹrsٹ)
Sạỷy̰ḵạٹrsٹ are special doctor. Even if the same percentage of the depression is not treatment, it is also fine, but it takes to months or more. You will think what is the need to treat again?
The reason is not possible to tell who will be fine and who is not? - apart from this, if the treatment can be better in a few weeks, then why should man tolerate such a severe pain for many months?
Some people’s depression is so strongly that they commit suicide, that is why if the intensity of the symptoms of your depression has increased and there is no shortage in them and depression has from your work, interests, relatives and friends The relationship has started to impress, or you have to come to thoughts like that there is no benefit of living your living and in the favor of other people, that is better if you die, you will get your treatment immediately Refer to your doctor or sạỷḵạٹrsٹ