Madness abt reservation continues now in MP


Madness abt reservation continues now in MP
Obc reservation increased from14 to 27 percent
And 10 percent ews reservation
Total 73 percent seats reserved
36 percent sc and st
27 percent obc
10 percent ews

Kyon rumours spread kar rahe ho…mp mein 10%ews apply nahi ho raha hai…about OBC is also not clear till now

Ews 10% sirf Maharashtra mei apply hua Hai bass shayd aur khm nahi abhi

Don’t spread rumours if ur are confident of wat ur saying justify it

There is no scope that reservations would exceed more than 50% Staph Strepto

Don’t worry. That ordinance would be for sure questioned by the court.

Fight on the idiotic politicians who are doing it not on reservations!!

We r underprivileged and we deserve it. SC ST are the main sufferers

even I realised it now. Don’t worry. It will not happen for sure. The same thing when happend in Tamilnadu high court went against the ordinance. The same would repeat

Is everyone going to raise voices against this?
It’s a MUST NOW!

First struggle working our ass off on PG preparation.
Then face these bloody reservation issues.

Maharashtra majhya maratha lokancha ahe…
Ani reservation bhetlych pahije.

I support maratha.
No need to come in our state.