MD microbiology or MD pharmacology? Guys some serious help. I am not a die-hard clinical fan


MD microbiology or MD pharmacology?? Guys some serious help. I am not a die-hard clinical fan

Pharmacology because you can get good salary in pharma companies

But I heard it’s lot more traveling and social prestige is very low as other specializations refer you as qualified MR

Pharmacology as md but from good college like central institute

Pharmacology has future scope in pharmaceutical companies.
Microbiology has additional advantage that u can run your lab and join a few Labs at the same time.

What is your liking?

Yep…m a bit confused with both of these… people are discouraging me to join but I seriously can’t take another year.

depends on what you see yourself doing-travelling and working in a company atmosphere/teaching

if you prefer working in a lab atmosphere and peering through microscopes.pick micro

Yes, how difficult it is to settle a career in both of these…my friends say that you have to sit jobless as most places are saturated with jobs in this prospect.

DM infectious diseases is a good option for MD microbio