Mrcp part 2 preparation plan


Mrcp part 2 preparation plan.
2 months study.
Initially studied for 2 to 3 hours with alternate night duties then last month studied for at least 6 to 8 hours daily. My advise is to take atleast month or 15 days off from work before exam.
I did pastest mcqs first then did passmed mcqs ( left few blocks including whole pharma). Revised passtest mcqs again. Then I revised mrcp only notes. I didn’t revise pass medicine.
I did last chapter data interpretatiin from sharma and also 120 mcqs just to practice for the exam( didn’t read explanation much ). Also solved mcqs from sample paper available on official website.
In my opinion , the most important is to revise the notes which you used for part 1 and practice mcqs 2 days before the exam with time calculation.
The most challenging for me is to solve mcqs in given time. So practice is must before exam.
ECG 150 cases for ECG is must. And cxrs and pics from pass med and passtest and internet