My experience: I started dedicated prep in June so I had around 6 months


My experience:
I started dedicated prep in June so I had around 6 months.
First nbme flat out fail (around 170/180 I think- online nbme 13)
I took an nbme online roughly once a month
Nbme 15. ~209
Nbme 16 ~ 221
Nbme 17 ~ 236
Nbme 18 ~ 242
Nbme 19 ~ 238
Uwsa1 ~ 241
Uwsa2 ~ 256

I did ALL offline nbmes and used as study tools
My method of study was qbanks: USMLE-Rx, UWorld (twice) and part of Kaplan inc 1 sim test
UWorld average second pass 78%

I never once used Kaplan videos, I bought the books and did not use bar I looked at genetics, I didn’t like them!
I taught anatomy so I didn’t use a specific resource!
I used nothing for ethics but common sense honestly and FA and qbank questions
I watched Pathoma in medical school but rewatched first 3 chapters and a few neuro videos
I used Boards and Beyond for my iffy subjects like renal, genetics etc
I used Sketchy and Picmonic a lot for retention and had used sketchy in medical school also
I made pretty good notes during medical school and was one of the highest in my class in exams so my foundations were good
I read FA once and once only, reviewing certain chapters when I missed nbme questions and even when I got them correct
I made about 10 flash cards for things I kept forgetting, I didn’t get on with ANKI as I didn’t have the time
I studied 4-6 hrs a day 5 days a week if possible. There were periods I took days if not weeks off due to health.
The penultimate few weeks I tried to do 8-10 hrs for a few days then took a day or two off.
My schedule and life was messy and always will be I’d imagine! I have lots of health issues still but I’m fighting them as ever.
During my 6 months I had to move house, my twin sister had a mental breakdown of sorts and I was unable to study with constant threats and overdoses
I couldn’t study for 10 days as I was admitted to hospital again for suspected subarachnoid due to a severe headache that lasted weeks!
I got engaged
I acquired degenerative hip disease due to my previous paralysis and gait and had more surgery
I suffer extreme OCD and lost hours spraying disinfectant spray meaning my immune system crashed and I had 2 bouts of flu and pneumonia
The last 2 weeks of prep I had to go to in-laws 60th birthday abroad so lost 4 days
I had multiple medical school exams and assignments that obstructed my prep
The week of the exam I had 20hrs sleep total, the day of the exam is a total blur and the 3 1/2 weeks after I feared the worst honestly, it was one of the most stressful yikes I’ve experienced in a long time
My first block was the hardest and due to my exhaustion I didn’t freak out :joy: so that’s one bonus

Final score: 245