My inbox got bombarded with messages, here is my experience


Hi guys.
My inbox got bombarded with messages, here is my experience.
A little background first: im a Core medical trainee in UK and would be applying for ST3 post soon In sha Allah.
For part 2 , i studied properly only for 3 weeks.
All i did was past papers on the online pastest website and weak topics from passmedicine textbook which was online. I DIDNOT study from any books, partly because after doing 9 am to 5pm daily job in Uk i dont feel like opening a book and studying on a screen suits me well, and partly because we CMT trainees get weekly teachings during work, most of them are targeted around MRCP part 1 and 2 exams. If you are a CMT trainee reading this, please attend teachings of your trust religiously !!
Sample mock on MRCP official website is v important, do it the day your exam nears.
In short, online pastest pastpapers plus online textbook of passmedicine website plus weekly cmt teaching plus MRCP mock … thats all.
Also do all image questions on pastest.
Getting 900 or just 454 are same in value.
And if you fail, attempt again next time.
All the best.