My Plab 1 experience


My Plab 1 experience

*I prepared in 40 days and got 173/200

*Did my first read by sush unity (left some units of it which carry less questions e.g rhematology)

*And second read of 1700 from plabzillas (relied on it till the last days)

*We had a whatsapp group where we used to discuss mocks and that discussions were very useful

*In addition i had an amazing study partner through messenger and we used to discuss confusing questions a lot (Really thankful to her😊)

*I downloaded dr khalid’s latest file and keep checking it for the updates he made
For confusing questions i was used to search the question number on facebook page and read the comments
Mostly i followed dr khalid’s opinion in case of confusing questions

*I did 3-4 samson mocks

*And 2-3 recalls (few questions were from them)

*And finally used to read some facebook plab forum discussions
Few questions were from

*I was a fresh graduate and had a strong basic knowledge
So the time frame can be different for you
*downloaded files from dr. naseer’s blog and facebook page
*special thanks to dr naseer and dr khalid for their selfless efforts