My sleep cycle is completely disturbed

My sleep cycle is completely disturbed. I can’t sleep till 6-7 Am in morning and i feels so lethargic and having severe headache in 2-5 pm time. Kindly suggest me something to overcome this. Can’t focus in afternoon timings

red bull has taurine and caffeine which makes you feel concentrated and fresh . No vulgar comments please

Please try to change your sleep schedule from now on… otherwise you will be in big trouble

Zolpidem 5mg 1hs daily till exam

1 hr before bed Take warm water and 2tsp honey and at bed time have some small amount of high calory food(some rice) and 1 glass of milk,u wl not even realise when u fall into sleep…

This is the result of giving superior priority to an exam at the cost of your physical and mental health. Something like sleep which is so natural is not happening to you… It shows how badly u treated your mind and body and abused them… Now this is the consequence…suffer…

Ananya, pls make sure you wake up early on one day. You will be tired n exhausted by the time it’s 10pm. N then, your previous cycle would be broken. Also, pls avoid afternoon naps, caffeine (in any form) after 4PM. Hope this helps.