Natural ways to drive away mosquitoes

Natural ways to drive away mosquitoes

As the season of Sawan Bhadu comes to Jobin, it is clearly seen in mosquitoes and especially dengue. And if you are often targeted by mosquitoes, you can see the spell and skin marks due to their bites. Will be well aware of this.

Different species of mosquitoes, such as malaria-spreading mosquitoes, prefer bacteria and sweat for their breeding. Some types of mosquitoes are perfume and some types of carbon dioxide. Whatever kind of mosquitoes are, for you It is important that you take effective measures to prevent them from infectious diseases like malaria and dengue.

Natural procedures are important to be used for this prevention. In general pest medicines contain chemical ingredients which often cause breath and skin infections. Mosquito spray is also a very fast type of chemicals. Based on ingredients, due to which the houses where this spray is used more often, the residents complain about breathing pain.

In view of these problems, we have put together some natural ways to drive away mosquitoes that are harmful and safe for health in every way.

Lemon and eucalyptus oil

Lemon and eucalyptus oil is a naturally effective way to drive away mosquitoes. Eucalyptus oil in particular has been highly effective against mosquitoes as a result of research. A recent research finds this. It happened that 32 percent of lemon and eucalyptus oil cuisines showed 95 percent resistance against mosquitoes for 3 hours.

You can prepare this cuisine yourself at home so you have to add a portion of lemon eucalyptus oil to ten parts of sunflower oil. But remember this solution is for children under three years old. Not to be used.

حزام Lavender

Flowers of hazam or lavender bring out oil and aroma that has been highly effective in mosquitoes. Lavender also has properties for pain relief, fungus and sterilizing. Not only does it work to drive away mosquitoes but it also helps to relax and relax the skin.

You can also grow a lavender plant in large pots or inside your house. By blush its flowers, the mosquitoes keep away from applying it to the places where mosquito cuts more, and apply its oil on the cloth and on the skin. Planting can also be safe from mosquito bites.

Sugar Oil Cinnamon Oil

Sugar sugar is not only used in spices and handi but it has many other benefits. A research in Taiwan has found that sugar oil has been an impact in killing mosquito eggs. This oil is also very helpful to drive away big mosquitoes.

Solve 24 drops of oil in four ounce water to make 1 % solution of sugar oil. You can use this solution on your skin, clothes, home, furniture and plants. But this solution Be careful when making a ko because excessive amount of sugar oil solution can cause itching on your skin.

Neem oil

Contradictory opinions are found about the effects of neem oil. A recent research in Ethiopia has found that neem oil provides 70 % protection against mosquitoes for up to three hours. But neem oil It is prohibited to use directly on the skin as it has sometimes seen severe itching and inflammation on the skin. But there is no doubt that the solution has a very strong effect of driving mosquitoes away.

Solve 0 to 100 ml of neem oil in water, oil or any lotion and make it a mixture. For better results use xra virgin and cold pressed neem oil.