Passed my Plab 2 a couple of months ago and wanted to share my experience


Dear Plabbers, Hope you guys are doing well. Passed my Plab 2 a couple of months ago and wanted to share my experience. I have now spent alot of time with plabbers while helping them as a mock examiner for last few months and came accross with some of the very common mistakes which everyone does.

So here i want to motivate everyone who are still going through this tough journey. I hope all of you pass.
Its just a matter of Confidence. Only focus on Constructive feedback. Try to study well first before directly jumping into practice. You should have sound knowledge of every diagnosis before implicating it into your practice and when you are practicing make sure you shuffle your partners after a while so you both dont repeat the same mistakes. Always use simple language and non-medico words while consulting with your patient. Its better not to repeat the same scripted words again and again which very easily annoy your simulator and gives a bad impression.

If you are a repeater, i believe you already know your weaknesses by now, but if you are still confused, you can discuss it with me as well.
Academies are always there to guide us but their training is not personalized according to every individual needs and its more of generalized coaching which i think is the game changer here because everyone has their own strength and weaknesses which they need to work on.

I want to continue helping my fellow plabbers, so you can inbox me with your queries and for further information. This will be like a online coaching session according to your needs and demands.
All my best wishes for you to Ace this exam