Passed PLAB2 with score of 139 and managed to pass 16 stations


“No one besides Allah can rescue a soul from hardship”
Holy Qur’an (53:58)

Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah!
Passed PLAB2 with score of 139 and managed to pass 16 stations :smile:. Now I want to share some key parts of my journey through this post and Its just a summary. Sorry for any error and please don’t hesitate to ask for any clarification​:slightly_smiling_face:.

:ribbon: One of the best and very first decisions for this achievement was choosing #Aspire Education and we were sooo lucky that we got the chance to be supervised by Dr Ankur Garg himself :slightly_smiling_face:. To be honest, I was feeling like I’m taking an ‘one to one’ session from Dr Ankur. I went to the UK 20 days before our exam and it wasn’t possible to retake the classes again. But dr. Ali Benarose, dr As’ad Bhana and all the team members, everyone was extremely helpful. #ASPIRE helped me to know how to read the scripts thoroughly and at the same time not to be scripted; how to be a doctor infront of a patient over there, not to be an actor in front of the simulator; how to handle a situation rather than just verbalizing the scripted words. GMC is bringing twists in most of the stations, and thats why its important to know the approach rather than just knowing the stations.

:ribbon:Its very important to notify that I couldn’t make it in my first attempt (it was just 2.5 months back). Apart from my bad luck and some other issues((allergic rhinitis :sneezing_face: and I’ve started coughing amid of some of the stations so badly that the examiners asked me to calm down first​:disappointed_relieved:. They were very kind. But time and tide, wait for none​:roll_eyes:)) , I did some other mistakes which were obvious for the failure.

:ribbon:One of the most important task is time management in this exam. It was my weakest point and I had to pay for it. I was hardly able to give the Mx for 3/4 stations, hardly. Then I took it as my priority that no matter what, I’ll go for the Mx part before the 6min bell. I’ve tried this strategy this time and it helped.

:ribbon:I’ve tried in to make my patient comfortable in every station as much as I can. I have smiled a lot, not hah hah type smile, but I’ve smiled :slightly_smiling_face:. Which was missing in my first attempt because of a robotic approach. So, i think explaining the Dx, explaining the Mx plan, asking questions again and again if they had any, their understanding, these things helped me to build up the rapport and fetching good mark in IPS.

:ribbon:I came to know the importance of ICE after seeing my result actually. I did it in almost every station (around 15/16 stations). I’ll say, ICE is kind of must to do part for rapport building. Dr Aman Arora 's Audio book is very helpful in this regard :slightly_smiling_face:. In fact for the total IPS package, Dr Arora’s Audio book has no alternative for this specific exam, unless someone is really good at the interpersonal skills.

:ribbon:The mock reviews helped me a lot. In fact they’ve figured out my timing problem even at the very first time but i took it lightly. I tried to give the mock once every week, and it helped me to develop my capability of tackling different situations with different people which we have to face in real exam. They’ve shown me my strong part, pointed out my weakness and described the way to overcome those. I’m grateful to them as well :slight_smile:.

:ribbon:Just showing 100% confidence; gossiping​:coffee: with the patients with some health tips​:wink:; being empathetic to their emotions; once leaving a cubicle, forget about what happened over there and most importantly, being a “SAFE JUNIOR DOCTOR” is what they want I think.

:ribbon:I was soooo blessed to have some study partners and friends from whom I’ve learned a lot. I came across some friends like Yamna Saeed, Ebram Ashaya, Peter Atef Aruni Mickey Ghose Nandan, Mei and Ray, meena andso many wonderful people. It was a very hard time for me, my second attempt, bcz I was depressed like hell. My husband was doing his attachment in a different city (we came together and he made it during our first attempt​:roll_eyes:) and i was all alone there around the Academy which was quite stressful for me . Zarin Tasnim, Suhaib Akib, Shoily Nath, Shuvo Rakib, @rumana apu, Shovon vai_ i got immense emotional supports from you guys :slight_smile:.

I mentioned it to be a “Just a glimpse” :penguin:but actually it came out to be something verrrry much descriptive​:elephant: of this not-so-wonderful journey. But an achievable destination with strong motivation and proper guidance.
(One important name was not taken throughout my post who is the oxygen actually :slightly_smiling_face:. I’ll talk about this oxygen with another post)