Persistence of Moro's reflex is abnormal beyond the age of –


Persistence of Moro’s reflex is abnormal beyond the age of –

    1. 3rd month
    1. 4th month
    1. 5th month
  •  month

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  • Moro’s reflex disappear at 3-6 months and never reappears.
  • Grasp reflex, snout reflex, palmomental reflex and sucking reflex are normally inhibited by frontal lobe as the child grows. But these are released from inhibition in frontal lobe damage. So, these reflexes can be seen in persons with frontal lobe damage.

Grasp reflex

  • When the baby’s palm is stroked with the examinar’s index finger, the baby’s fingers close on it and grasp it.
  • As the examiner lifts his index finger, the flexor muscles of the infant’s forearm become tight.
  • It starts appearing at 28 week of gestation and disappear at 12 weeks (3 months) of postnatal life.

Glabellar tap

  • When examiner gently taps the glabella, (junction between the nose & forehead), both eyelids blink.
  • The reflex is present after 32 weeks of gestation & persists for life.

Snout reflex

  • A pouting or pursing of the lips that is elicited by light tapping of the closed lips near midline. The contraction of muscles causes the mouth to resemble a snout.