Semi circular canal stimulated to right in


37-year-cid man comes to the office for a follow-up visit. One month ago, he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus and was

started on metfOfmin. Blood pressure is 130180 mm Hg, fasting glucose is 122 mg/dl, arid BMI is 29.1 kglm’ The patient looks

rather dejected and admits that it has been difficult to come to terms with his diagnosis. He has tried to exercise, watch his oral

intake, and quit smoking as was suggested, but lately he has felt unmotivated and without energy The patient admits to feeling sad

and guilty about his weight and smoking but is not sure he can do anything about it He has been oversleeping and then spending

much of the day in bed watching television or sleeping due to lack of energy He has withdrawn from friends and family and took the

last2weeks offfrom work because he did not"feel up to going_" The patient’s abilitytoconcentrate and pay attention to daily tasks is

significantly impaired Which of the fcilowing is the most appropriate pharmacotherapy?

  • QA Amitriptyline
  • QB Atomoxeline
  • QC Bupropion
  • Q D Methylphenidate
  • Q E Mirtazapine
  • QF. Modafinil
  • Q G Phenelzine

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Semi circular canal stimulated to right in

  • A) When the head tilts to left
  • b) Doing cartwheel
  • C) When the head tilts to right
  • D) In Vertical axis
  • E) Linear acceleration

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