Statistics on Monday 29 June. Sep. 2563 (at 14.00 pm

Embassy in Paris summarizes the epidemic of Covid-19 virus in France :fr: as follows.

1 ️⃣ Statistics on Monday 29 June. Sep. 2563 (at 14.00 pm) ))

:arrow_forward: Total of infected patients from Test PCR test (1,324 increase from 26 June. Oh, my God. 280 increase in 24 hours. ))

:arrow_forward: Healing at the hospital. 8,688 people, 102 new patients (within 24 hours. ), and there are patients treated at the hospital. Drop from 26 June Sep. 198 and 75,999 healers (350 increase from 26 June. Oh, my God. ))

:arrow_forward: 619 bad condition, 15 new patients and the number of bad patients decreased from 26 June. Y. 15 items

:arrow_forward: deceased at the hospital 19,325 people (35 increase from 26 June Oh, my God. 18 increase in 24 hours. ), and died at the nursing home and at the Social Medical Center (établissements médico-sociaux) 10,488 (statistic of 23 June. Oh, my God. By the Kor Public Health will update again on 30 June. Oh, my God. ) ** total of 29,813 deaths (35 increase from 26 June. Oh, my God. 18 increase in 24 hours. )) **

:arrow_forward: 1.4 % of all detected viruses and clusters of 89 viral epidemic nationwide (7 increase) by 2 provinces in the most worrisome situation. Guyane and Mayotte

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Note: A. Public Health France will report statistics only Monday-Friday except public holidays :eight_spoked_asterisk:


2 ️⃣ Cuban medical team assisted French sea land.

On 26 June Year 2563 Cuban doctors have arrived at Martinique Airport (France’s Overseas) to exchange experiences of covid-19 patients with planning to help each other in the Caribbean area and Providing support to local medics for 2 months with doctors specializing in lung treatment, infections, x-ray readings, and emergency doctors who can start duty when they are out of cuddle weeks.

First time Cuba has sent medical faculty to help France (France is third country in Cuba-aid after Italy and Andorra). Covid-19 Cuba has shipped over 3,000 doctors. Help to 28 countries (such as Mexico, Andorra, South Africa and Qatar)

Covid-19 epidemic situation at Martinique is not in a worrisome condition with only 4 infected people in the past 1 weeks. Total of 240 infected and 14 dead. :mask: