The British market is jolly after economic data reporting

The British market is jolly after economic data reporting.

On September 15, the European market was moving in many directions because the numbers of the Kingdom’s skyrocketed and anticipated Britain market to positive land before several central banks meeting will be happening soon.

Which German DAX index moves down 0.2 %. French index. CAC 40 minus 0.2 Vice versa. UK FTSE index plus 0.3 %

It’s encouraging that the market to return is that British market’s retail sales have risen by 5.3 % in four weeks until September 5, and signs show impact on consumer s’ impact on Ocado shares. 6.2 % higher after earning Ocado Retail joint venture income because of Ocado Retail online purchases of Ocado’s partners & Spencer, and shares are 4.8 % positive as well.

H & M shares are also 11 % positive and revealing that the latest quarter is better after the COVID-19 storm recovery.

Brother Blue sees that the positive numbers of UK’s economy have a good direction. It could affect GBP money in the future.