The stomach is the organ of a man who often lives in diseases


Home Version for the abuse of ہạḍmے

The stomach is the organ of a man who often lives in diseases, now whether it is gas, constipation or bdہḍmy̰ in any shape they affect everyone.
But your ạrgrd are some things or versions that are naturally helpful to get rid of stomach diseases.

☆ Mint Tea

Mint Tea can help end the feeling of bdہḍmy̰ immediately, the mint tea is beneficial to get rid of multiple types system of ہạḍmہ, just mint tea t bag by soaked in a cup of water 10 Cover up for minutes and then drank.

☆ Apple vinegar and honey

A Tea Spoon Honey and a tea spoon apple vinegar in a glass of warm water and drink half hours before eating, this tip will always save by being a victim of bdہḍmy̰.

☆ baking soda and lemon gland

Make a tea spoon baking soda in a glass of water and then take a few drops of lemon gland in it, if there is acidity in gastrointestinal, this tip will solve the problem while the pain of gas will take away.

☆ a

The Chinese Chinese are beneficial in the form of lipstick, sfwf or tea, it takes away the complaints of bdہḍmy̰, chest jealousy and vomiting.


It might be strange but this cuisines is useful when your stomach is bad. Carrot Nutrition provides while the gastrointestinal gastrointestinal problems. Just four cup kitty carrot, four cup water and a tea spoon. Ạbạly̰ں the dry pwdy̰nہ for 15 minutes and then drink this cuisines with spoons.

☆ Rice Tea

Check out the rice ‘Tea’ of the rice to prevention the haize. Minutes to the sheaf in the water minutes, then take out the rice and get honey or Chinese in the water.

☆ Apple vinegar

If you have difficulty to digest food or the gas has upset, a tea spoon apple vinegar and a tea spoon honey make a cup of warm water and drink it, there will be shortage in your trouble, This cuisines also reduces the effects of the chest.

☆ Raisins, Peach, ậlwbkẖạrہ

If you are a victim of constipation, try to test fruits and fruit containing food means cherry, raisins, peach and potato bkẖạrے etc. These are the things that are full of all fiber that will move your system ہạḍmہ to end the pain of constipation. I help.

☆ yogurt

If you want to get pain in your stomach, then see the yogurt, it is the presence of the estrogen that can be considered to be good for the sake of gastrointestinal, the presence of the estrogen in the stomach of the stomach is increasing the physical defense system, just take care that the pure yogurt from You have benefit from using Chinese.

☆ soo nose

Fennel is full of vitamins and ambitious, who eliminate the bad estrogen that do not digest food and cause gas etc. After eating, use some of its quantity or eating in case of gas suffering. See.

☆ heating

A bottle filled with hot water keep on her suffering belly, the heating increases the blood during the skin level and can be useful to eliminate suffering inside the gastrointestinal.

Note :- refer to doctor in case of being more bad