This is a request to the admins of the group


This is a request to the admins of the group. At this time of the yr many questions would be discussed in the group which can lead to a negative impact in the minds of non medicos. Lot of non medicos have already entered the group. Admins pls add “questions to answer” when joining request is sent by a person. Questions can be in the form of mcqs or some specific points which can reveal the mbbs…non mbbs status of the person. Registration number or college is not a full proof one.
(There are parents of medicos already in the group. They can ignore this post as they have been a supporting pillar in medico’s life).

I will appreciate ur suggestions and all group members cooperation. Now we have included questionnaire and filtering through that. Recently we all group coordinators are visiting profile in case of any doubts, before approving. I agree that few non-medico are there. They had been added initially by mistake. we sorting out them out regularly. Some fake profiles with medical College name in their profile is the problem. Putting MCQ as approval criteria will be tough as 1 St yr to final year students are in group and are joining. Kindly report any such profiles to Admin or any other coordinators of group. You can tag to me Rahul Ray or Ravi Verma to even any post you find any sort of action required.