This one belongs to my SP who was there for me even when I was not

This note is going to be a long one, well because it has been a long journey. Some of you may have questions, some may only need the stats- in order to not waste anyone’s time, I have divided this experience into three parts.
This one belongs to my SP who was there for me even when I was not.


So I gave my Step one (avg score) In March last year, started preparing for step two with my study partner, the one with whom I had scaled Step1. We started with offline UW which I think we did for a month and were making notes.
Then as my life is, things messed up(personal problems, all you can imagine) and I had to work and was not able to keep up. My SP tried to adjust to my timings, he did everything he could, jeopardizing his timeline for exams. I felt I was taking him down ad asked him to do the preps by himself.
We had been SP s for long enough, same study styles,no BS, and also had not attempted step one alone- this counts as a major hurdle, because neither of us thought we could do this by ourselves.
Eventually he did. He scored awesome. And I was still stuck in my personal Greek tragedy. I hadn’t studied anything and finally gathered courage to start preps in Feb.
Lost. Alone. Scared.
The only reason I have my score is because of my SP. He handed me his notes, guided me on how to approach this (I even read his experience on the group) and gave me his experience in dealing with this. And which is why I am thankful and grateful to have had the privilege to have known this genuine guy. And if I try to credit him, he is going to credit it to Lord Krishna. So be it.
I wish you, your wife, son and your family all the happiness that Krishna can offer. I am and will always be in you debt.

Dedicated study period from Feb- June.
Uworld online once completed with 72% avg
Uworld notes once
Uworld online second time(random) completed only 60 percent questions with 89% avg

Exam Day: Felt fresh. Got two tandem ques wrong in first and second block, it felt like a disaster, because you know you should have gotten the easy ones right.
By block four I was so tired, I was swallowing coffee powder every other block after that. I remember telling myself to keep going and somehow I did.
Also, for me I had 17 minutes to spare when I ended my last block. Time was not a problem for me, the questions were. I remember coming out of center and writing a rant about how the questions were not making much sense.
Exam amplifies your emotions, I felt like exiting, but thats not an option no matter what questions come.
My biggest hurdle was every third question was on risk factors , like which is the highest probable risk factor with maximum impact, things which I would never know.
I was nervous. I felt scared and despite a re assuring UWSA2, I was hoping I do not end up failing. Horrible 4 weeks wait.

Takeaway: This exam does not test whether you know Renal Tubular Acidosis. It tests that after five grueling hours of combating questions from all specialties, do you now see RTA. To me it always feels like a boxing match. I fight a round, get hydrated, pee, caffeinate and carbohydrate myself and go back in. And everytime I come out I hope I do the next one better.

Prep time : 5 months (20 days bronchitis)
Materials: Tried everything but settled for UW. And UW notes. CMS last three forms for all subjects
Assessment: In order.

NBME 6 235
NBME 7 149/184
NBME 8 166/181
UWSA1 243
UWSA2 264
FRED 84%
Actual Step CK Score: 256

Thank you to this group for all the help and positivity. May we all work for and achieve our dreams.