What is the meaning of landing or climbing the navel?

What is the meaning of landing or climbing the navel?

Home solution to get rid of this painful disease

Every man has a hole in his stomach called a navel. In fact, the navel is actually a sign of a wound that is given to the child who is born immediately after birth, separating from his mother’s body. - When the child is present in the mother’s body, it is connected to the mother’s body through a tract and through the same drain it is getting all the nutrients. The tract must be separated from the body at the time of birth. It happens and this sign stays with human all life. According to experts, there is a net of navel that reaches every part of the body.

What is the meaning of landing and climbing the navel?

Aloe Pathic does not have any testimony regarding the landing and climbing of the navel - but according to Greek, the navel leaves its place in certain circumstances and sometimes goes up or down-because of the navel naves. There is a collection so changing it’s replacement has direct effects on some parts of the human body -

Reasons for landing or climbing the navel

According to Greek medicine, overweight incorrectly lifting causes pressure on the abdomen and the waist, causing the navel to move from its place and it goes up or down.

Symptoms of the navel’s move

Symptoms of navel stem may vary among different people. One sign of this is severe abdominal pain. Along with that, some people may have hands with pain. Not appetite. Severe pain and stretch in legs and legs. There is only one sign of this -

How to check the navel

Before having breakfast in the morning, put your thumb on the navel of the belly and press your hand. If you feel the presence of something that is scratching there, it means the navel is in its place and if you don’t feel it. So the navel has shaken its place -

Lay straight on any smooth ground and look carefully at the thumbs of both feet. If they are not on one level, up and down, it also proves that the navel has shaken from its place.

Tips to bring the navel back to its place

There is no medicine in allopathic to restore the navel to its place but there are some breast-breast remedies that not only cure the disease but also eliminate the problems caused by it.

1: Take a spoon of tea leaf a fine piece and mix it in a glass of plain water and drink it. Using it for two or three days, the navel returns to its place.

2: This process is an exercise and the stomach must be empty to do it otherwise it can’t get positive results. Sit on the ground and stretch both the legs front and it Try to catch the thumb of right toe with right hand and the thumb of left toe from left hand. It will feel difficult in the beginning but repeatedly it will be easy. Repeat this process six to seven times. InshaAllah one It will be better in two days.