Which has better future? Radio or Dermat?

Which has better future?

Radio or Dermat?

Corona se bach gye to dono hi best…ek hi bakwas sawal kitne baar log krenge…aisa lg rha ki ye group bhi tik tok ho gya hai

In near future AI would reduce the demand for radiologist,but it won’t replace.

comparatively derma has the better future.

Mahammad Fayaz

Vijay Anbu
in derma u have the chance to pay compensation

Some times pt dissatisfaction due to incompetency to diagnose disease in early stages

Emergencies may be

Pt counselling always

Market formation

Radiology tough competition in town

Yet little periphery high demand

No direct contact to pt

No pt sissatisfaction

No issues to get beaten by pt relatives

Yet nice earning

So it depends on persons life style and capacity

Because a pathologist even can earn higher than any clinical branch

So it is subjective choice…

If u go for radio u can’t do practice …so if u want to earn money & want simple lyf go for radio if u want to do practice so go for ur another option derma

Better future as like what ?

U want Monetary benifits or a peaceful life or u want to excel academically ?

Every student has a passion towards a particular subject and it’s been seen that at the time they reach the final counseling process they change their subject …some take it as compulsion because it’s trending and some take it for a better life which is undefined…

At that point of time u need to be honestly think about this…u are the one who will be known for that particular subject for like till ur professional career ends…thats approximately about 30-35 years …and for that u need to sit down and talk to urself …I would say go for ur passion…which would lead u to less struggle in coming days…

That’s my opinion …rest totally depends on u what u want with ur life…

Excellent approach… But I have never had one perticular favourite subject in my ug and internship. That’s why I am trying to play it safe

Don’t take radio…private centre’s give you only 250 for a abdominal usg while they charge patients 1000…in private practice chambers you can have that 1000 rs all for yourself… They give you 120 for CT and mri… Very poor pay… Radiologists have money is just a myth… Believe me, I am a radiologist

You can’t compare UPSC with IIT. Both are different platforms. Baaki ka pata nahin but It too me 4 hrs to join Derma