Which test should be the annual for your health test?


Which test should be the annual for your health test?

1-CBC. (complete blood ḵạwnٹ). This is the number of various cells in blood means red blood sales, White Blood Sales White blood sales and the number of plate in the blood and the amount of field in blood. If you mean lack of field in blood A victim of ạy̰nmy̰ạ (which is called blood shortage) or any infection or allergic process is going on in the body, it is known from the test.

2-Lfts (Lever Function Test). This is the test test. in which the cat ry̰wbn and some ạy̰nzạỷmz are tested in the blood to check the ability to do normal work. Cat Ry̰wbn is a substance that Our Blood’s red cells can be broken and the liver connects it with other some materials to clean it from the body and then it exit the body. If there is any error in the normal function of the liver, cat ry̰wbn The Quantity of blood increases in the blood with a specific value.

3 Rfts (Rennell Function Test). This is the test test test. It is tested by the y̰wry̰ạ and ḵry̰ٹy̰nn in the blood, and if their quantity is more than a specific limit, it shows the error of kidney. Is

4-lipid profile test. This is a test of various kinds of lpڈz in the body means cholesterol, high density lạỷy̰pw proteins and lo density of lạỷy̰pw proteins. Those who have heart diseases in family history (especially men gentlemen) this test in the year. Must take the bar. In the lpڈz level if a little very gur blah you can be able to test your food by checking it on the initial level and make the exercise a routine part of the heart’s dangerous diseases. In Men, the heart The ratio of diseases is more. So all the men should must do this test after twenty years old. and if any one of their parents is the disease of heart, then must be the annual test.

5-BSL. (blood sugar level). This test tells the amount of glucose in the blood. If your family history is the disease of dialysis bٹy̰z (Sugar), then must be the annual test.

6-Stool test. This is also done in the screened test after every six months in the developed countries. This test is the main importance of the cologne and ry̰ḵٹm to catch up the cancer. There is no blood, so or no other ạy̰bnạrml substance.

7۔ Urine complete examinatiom۔
In this test, the complete mạỷy̰ḵrwsḵwpḵ of y̰wry̰n is checked that it has estrogen, blood, or crystals etc. This test for the test of the diseases of y̰wry̰nry̰ ٹry̰ḵٹ.
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