Who is the Boss of PLAB 2 preparations?


Okay cut to the chase, let’s call a spade a spade, who is the Boss of PLAB 2 preparations? Samson is the Boss. Are you in the transition phase and trying to decide on which Academy to go for your PLAB 2? Think no further! Samson Academy is the place to pass PLAB 2! Of course with the guidance of Almighty God who makes all tasks easy for his people. Before PLAB 2 I had thoughts on which Academy to join, after weighing so many options I finally decided to join Samson PLAB 2 courses. I must tell you I’m glad I did. PLAB 2 was a huge task for me initially looking at the number of Stations that I needed to know, Trust me it’s so tough having to master almost 240 Exam Scenarios in order to pass 18 stations but Samson and his team made it so easy! By the time I was finished with the course I had read all the Exam scenarios at least 5 times each.

Samson gives you 4 Mocks of 18 Stations each. His Mocks prepare you for the real exam and helps to a large extent your time management. Samson’s Mocks are tougher than the GMC Exam so if you can sail through the Mocks you are sure of passing the Exam. By the time I got to the GMC 8 minutes was like 1 hour because I was already prepared for time management by Dr Samson and his team.

The video feedbacks are legendary because Dr Samson has a way of bringing out the best in you. After listening to you on video review he instantly identifies your weak points and points it out to you immediately. He is right most of the time and he is aggressive to make you pass. He doesn’t joke with his candidates because he knows everyone has committed a lot to this. Ultimately he does not joke with his pass rates. The moment you step into Samson Academy a seed of success is down into you already!

I PASSED PLAB 2 so conveniently with very high scores in most Stations. I passed 16 out of 17 Stations and I scored 12/12 in many stations. I was overwhelmed by my results! God came through for me. Please if you are still in the thinking phase of making a decision as to the right Academy to join, I will advise you not to think any further, The PLAB 2 journey requires you to make the right Academy choice because this will define your next step. Samson not only prepares you for the exam he also prepares you for the UK work system. Please choose wisely. Choose SAMSON

Thank you Dr Samson and your entire team, Dr Lovan, Dr Tiwa, Dr Khairrey and the other members of the team. You guys are truly awesome! Please keep up the good work!!

Like Dr Samson will say: “Our next Tasky is…”

“Suck up to the patient, Smarty, Sharpy, Confidenty and Handsome like Dr Samson!” :joy:

Dr Samson is a Legend! Thanks